"We want to simplify everything so that we can do everything, " quotes the magazine "Börse Online" from confidential documents on the strategy. The goal is a "double-digit growth in users, order intake and sales." A company spokesman confirmed the plans on Thursday. Details would be announced at an investor day next Tuesday (Feb.

According to the report, SAP wants to reorganize its product offering and create new product categories. In addition, sales are to be simplified. Since the beginning of January, the company has already merged the sale of traditional software solutions and cloud offerings. The area is becoming increasingly important and should grow to between three and three and a half billion euros in sales by 2017. Overall, SAP will then make 22 billion euros in sales. Last year it was 16.8 billion euros.

However, the software company had to postpone its ambitious profit target of a margin of 35 percent by two years to 2017. The background to this is the expansion of the cloud business with software that is no longer stored at the customer's own but on central powerful computers at SAP. (Dpa / mb)