Call system functions directly: Windows 8 - shortcuts for the system control


Those who, like many professional users in IT departments, are constantly switching between versions of Windows in order to work in production systems with Windows 7 and still test Windows 8, are looking for one or the other function for quite some time. Below, we have compiled some shortcuts for you that you can use to control common functions in the Control Panel. The list makes no claim to completeness, and of course many old acquaintances of Windows 7 are included. In some dialogues, this is currently still recognizable, such as file recovery.

To use the shortcuts, simply press Windows key + R and enter the appropriate command. The key shortcuts that are also important under Windows 8 can be found in the article Windows 8: Important key combinations at a glance.

Shortcuts for the Control Panel


Control Panel item

control desktop

Adaptation (display)

control user passwords

User accounts / make changes to your own account

control desk.cpl

Change screen resolution

control powercfg.cpl

Change power options

control appwiz.cpl

Uninstall or change the program

control netconnections

Network Connections

control printers

devices and printer

control wuaucpl.cpl

Windows Update

control admintools


control sysdm.cpl

system features

control / name Microsoft.Recovery


control hdwwiz.cpl

device Manager

control / name Microsoft.FileHistory

File Version History

control / name Microsoft.CredentialManager

Credential Manager

control / name Microsoft.StorageSpaces


control / name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms

standard programs

control folders

folder options

control / name Microsoft.BackupandRestore

Windows (7) -Dateiwiederherstellung.

Products : The tip works with all PC versions of Windows 8. (TecChannel / ph)