Negotiations with German Post announced: Telekom and 1 & 1 want more from De-Mail sales


Deutsche Telekom and Internet company 1 & 1 want to negotiate with Deutsche Post about the conditions for the new De-Mail service. With the service official letters and documents should be able to be sent electronically. "As soon as Post, as announced, puts its De-Mail product into operation at the end of the year, we will negotiate the terms, " ​​said Jan Oetjen, head of 1 & 1's portal business, Wirtschaftswoche magazine. According to Oetjen, this could amount to a half-share of sales, depending on the retail price.

A telecom spokesman stressed that it was about the reimbursement of additional costs that would result from this service. For example, a provider would have to maintain greater capacity and provide stricter security. The additional costs. "About these charges, how this is compensated, you have to talk about it, " said spokesman Rolf Sauerzapf.

Only through the De-Mail service, which Deutsche Telekom and the United Internet subsidiary have driven forward, may official letters and documents be sent electronically in the future. This is not permitted by the E-Postbrief of the Post according to the eGovernment Act just launched by the Federal Cabinet. (Dpa / Jha)