Invitation to launch events: Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 will start at the end of October


Microsoft has announced the dates for its launch events for Windows 8 Pro and for Windows Phone 8. The Windows 8 event will be held on October 26, 2012 in New York. Simultaneously with the launch of the new platform for PCs, notebooks and tablets, the two Microsoft Tablets of the Surface series are also being sold. According to "The Verge", in the US there will be a midnight sale of the Surface for Windows 8 and the Surface for Windows RT on the night of October 25-26. Both Surface tablets consist of a magnesium housing with an integrated base and a 10.6-inch, 16: 9 capacitive touch screen, which resolves 1, 920x1-080 pixels higher on the Surface Pro than on the Surface RT (1366x768 pixels). and equipped with the Intel chipset Core i5, while the Surface RT is equipped with a chipset based on the ARM design. Microsoft offers its first two self-developed tablet models matching accessories such as a magnetic dockable keyboard. The Surface Tablets are to be distributed through the company's own retail stores in the US and online via Amazon.

Whether the Windows 8 tablets from Microsoft in Germany will be available from 26 October, is not known. However, Microsoft also invites to a Windows 8 event on the eve of the launch to Berlin. To the prices of the Surface Tablets Microsoft has not yet made specific comments. Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer presented only a price range of 300 to 800 US dollars in prospect. At the beginning of September this year, several Microsoft partners such as Samsung, Asus and Acer had already presented their first Windows 8 tablets at IFA in Berlin.

While interested users at the IFA were able to take a close look at Windows 8 on the various devices, Microsoft has so far granted only initial insights into Windows Phone 8. The launch date for the new smartphone platform was also only vaguely dated to "autumn". American journalists have now received invitations to a launch event in San Francisco on October 29. The German mobile operator Telefónica Germany (O2) also announced that it would like to offer the HTC 8X in its shops from the end of October. The Nokia smartphones Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, however, will go on sale in November for 649 and 499 € (EIA) without a contract. Other manufacturers have introduced the first smartphone models with Windows Phone 8.

  1. CompanyHubPhone_Web
    Companies can define their own hubs with internal apps for their employees and deploy them via remote device management.
  2. WindowsPhone8Wallet_Web
    WP8 supports NFC on the system side, making it a "digital wallet".
  3. Skype01_Web
    The purchased communication service Skype with VoIP and video calls will be integrated directly into WP8.
  4. Skype02_Web
    With Skype you can then make calls in WP8 almost as well as over the voice network.

In all new Windows Phones chipsets from Qualcomm are installed, software updates will in future only be done over the air (OTA). Users of Windows Phones with Windows Phone 7.5 OS will not be able to upgrade the firmware of their devices to the new version. For the currently available smartphones with Windows Phone 7.5 but there will be a special software update to the Windows Phone 7.8 version, which will bring some of the new features of Windows Phone 8 - such as the new homescreen - on these devices.

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