Dry spell lasts until 2016: HP dampens expectations for the next few years


The world's largest computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard (HP) has lost further confidence with a bleak outlook and scared off investors. Following the unexpectedly weak forecast, the share fell almost 13 percent to its lowest level in almost ten years. HP is preparing for a year-long dry spell. Only in 2016, the company will grow again as fast as the US economy, announced Group CEO Meg Whitman on Wednesday. After all, then the operating result should grow faster than sales and the return in the top group in the industry.

The conversion takes longer than planned, acknowledged Whitman. The environment remains very difficult. For the fiscal year 2013, which started in November, the company announced its earnings per share of $ 2.10 to $ 2.30. How much so that the expectations of the market are missed, is reflected in the adjusted for some positions forecast: HP expects on this basis with 3.40 to 3.60 dollars per share, analysts previously expected an average of 4.16 dollars. The price plummeted at the close of trading to $ 14.91 and stabilized only after the stock market.


Hope for new products

The next year will be about "repairs and reconstruction, " Whitman announced. It wants to cancel 29, 000 jobs in the next two years HP makes like other classical computer manufacturers the enthusiasm of consumers and enterprises for Smartphones and Tablet computer to create. Demand for notebooks and desktops is on the decline. The second HP leg, the printers, is not as good a business in times of digital images and documents as it used to be.

In 2011, CEO Léo Apotheker, who had come from SAP, wanted to part with the PC sector and instead opt for software. He also put the troubling business with smartphones and tablets on hold. The price was controversial, the stock collapsed. The pharmacist finally had to leave; the former Ebay boss Whitman was called to the top. She hopes, among other things, on a tablet with the new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, which should appeal to companies. The number of different models in the printer business is to be reduced by 30 percent. (Dpa / Jha)

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