50 billion yen: Sony's entry at Olympus perfect


Sony wants to invest 50 billion yen (around 500 million euros) and with a share of 11.46 percent to become the largest Olympus shareholder, reported on Friday, including the news agency Kyodo and Bloomberg.

Sony would first buy 13.1 million Olympus shares for 19 billion yen in October, reported Bloomberg, citing documents filed with the Ministry of Finance. In a second step until the end of February, 21.3 million shares will be acquired for 31 billion yen.

In addition, Sony and Olympus announced a joint venture to produce medical equipment for December. This area is now the mainstay of Olympus even before the cameras, for which the group is mainly known to consumers.


Olympus is still struggling with the consequences of a huge accounting scandal. At the traditional company investment losses of 117.7 billion yen (currently 1.17 billion euros) have been disguised for more than a decade by inflated prices in several acquisitions.

The scam flew up just under a year ago and the subsequent write-downs tore a hole in the Olympus balance sheet. For months, speculation has been made about the entry of Japanese industrial giants, with which the attacked capital base should be strengthened. According to Kyodo, other companies such as Panasonic and Fujifilm also sought to partner with Olympus. (Dpa / tc)