EU Commission: Brussels wants to promote cloud services


The European Commission intends to create the framework conditions with a new strategy. Commissioner for Digital Affairs Neelie Kroes presented the plans on Thursday in Brussels. They should help Europe, for example, to keep up with the United States. For example, a working group of representatives of the Internet industry and public authorities will develop standards for security and data protection in cloud computing.

Cloud computing could help users to save costs, says the European Commission. For example, fixed costs for operating own data centers did not materialize, data storage on the Internet could also be requested more flexibly and as needed.

With its proposals, the EU Commission wants to promote the development of clear standards for cloud computing and strengthen the customer's weight over major providers such as Amazon or Google. For example, representatives of the EU member states and the IT industry should cooperate more closely in a "European Cloud Partnership".

This partnership may also help in the development of technical standards, such as data formats, according to the Brussels Authority. To help customers find their way around, trustworthy providers should receive quality seals. Model contracts are intended to help consumers or companies better understand the contract terms and conditions of the providers.

The lack of clear standards makes it difficult, for example, to switch between different providers and is often denounced as a core problem. So far American companies play the first violin in cloud computing, but especially in Germany is about the German Telekom a strong player.

The industry association Bitkom puts hopes in the push of the European Commission. "The patchwork of legal regulations has so far hampered the increased use of cloud services in the EU, and the Commission's cloud strategy must counteract this, " said Managing Director Bernhard Rohleder.

The European consumer umbrella association BEUC, on the other hand, missed targets on data protection and contract law. "The strategy lacks the ambition to adequately protect European consumers, " said BEUC leader Monique Goyens.

The EU Commission defended its actions. A strategy is faster to implement than new laws, also the ongoing reform of the EU Data Protection Regulation will anyway also have consequences for cloud computing. (Dpa / tc)