Liebstückel successor: DSAG elects Marco Lenck as chairman of the board


The German-speaking SAP user group (DSAG) e. At its annual general meeting in Bremen, V., according to a statement, has filled two new board positions. Marco Lenck, Vice President IT at Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH, was unanimously elected Chairman of the Executive Board with one abstention. New Management Board in Technology Technology unanimously with two abstentions Andreas Giraud, Senior Manager for IT Strategy in the Group at EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG.

In three other ministries, the members of the assembly unanimously confirmed the incumbents for a further two years: Andreas Oczko as deputy chairman and chief executive officer for the Operations / Service & Support division, Otto Schell in the branches division and Wolfgang Honold as managing director for Austria. For professional reasons, Karl Liebstückel is no longer available after a five-year term as DSAG CEO. DSAG board member Waldemar Metz (Department: Processes and Applications), who held the office for four years, was unable to stand for re-election at short notice for health reasons.

Marco Lenck commented on his choice: "At DSAG I stand for continuity, and I am very keen to continue the targeted work in the individual departments with all involved parties in a high intensity and thus further promote the top topics for SAP users." The most important fields of action are the new DSAG boss

  • Position ERP as the heart of integrated systems

  • Consistently map business processes in SAP Business Suite

  • Realize appropriate pricing models

  • Increase utilization of SAP solutions in the department

  • Enable a lean introduction of new SAP solutions

Lenck is also committed to continuity when it comes to partnering with SAP: "The relationship between SAP and us as an independent user group is close and trusting, and we at DSAG expect that the early involvement of users in product development will pay off in the long term." Last but not least, the new CEO wants to make DSAG fit for the future: "The goal is to improve the use and use of SAP software in companies for the users and to provide them with continuous, targeted information - in order to realize this, we also have to change ourselves. "