October 1: New Germany boss of Vodafone takes over management


At a reception for around 800 guests from business, politics and show business, Schulte-Bockum said on Wednesday evening in Berlin that Germany was a key market for the British company. "We are also celebrating a bit of pioneering work in a very new industry this evening, " said Schulte-Bockum. As an example, he named the SMS that his predecessor Joussen had "advertised and distributed in Germany". "We are a model industry for growth and innovation, and we want to keep it that way, " said the new Vodafone boss. In 20 years, telecommunications created more jobs in Germany than the automotive industry.

"Vodafone has exactly one flagship and that is Vodafone in Germany, " said Schulte-Bockum, adding: "the market that can grow, where innovation is driven, and where we as a company continue to commit to invest massively and the the best networks that exist in Europe. "

The outgoing Vodafone boss in Germany said he was going mad. But "traveling is nicer than telephoning" added Joussen - the 49-year-old manager takes over in February 2013, the CEO of the travel company TUI. Joussen came in 1988 to Mannesmann AG, which was acquired in 2001 with the mobile network D2 from Vodafone. He has managed the business of Vodafone in Germany since 2005. (dpa / tc)