Bloomberg: Intel boss still considers Windows 8 unfinished


The operating system is still in need of improvement, Otellini said to employees in Taipei, Taiwan, according to a report by financial news agency Bloomberg. As a source, the agency calls a person who does not want to be named because the meeting was confidential. However, Otellini does not see a problem in that. It was the right way to bring out the operating system before it was done. The software company could make the improvements still, if the software is already delivered, said the boss of the long-term Microsoft partner.

With over 16 million active users of the current preview version, Windows 8 will be the most tested system in the company's history at the start, said Microsoft spokesman Mark Martin. Market watcher Alex Gauna, an analyst at JMP Securities in San Francisco, had, according to Bloomberg, however, in mid-September, still "worried" about the number of bugs in the software expressed. Still a lot of robust applications were missing, also criticized Michael Cherry of "Directions on Microsoft".

Unlike in the hardware industry, it is common in the software industry, so to speak, to mature products as "banana software" at the customer. With the predecessor of Windows 8, Windows Vista, Microsoft had left about two years more time than originally planned - but Vista was also "unfinished" on the market; so ran many peripherals because of missing driver software initially not. (Dpa / tc)

  1. The first place when it comes to the configuration of the home screen
    In the PC settings, background pattern and color scheme can be selected - the use of a separate image is not provided here.
  2. Important tip
    If programs are used to change the startup screen that manipulate the system, a restore point should be set beforehand.
  3. The new right-click
    If a tile has been selected in one of the different ways (finger, mouse or keyboard), different options are displayed - here it can only be reduced or removed from the start screen.
  4. Even the marking of several tiles works
    Then only the options that are available for all marked tiles are displayed!
  5. Many possibilities
    If a system-related program is hidden behind a tile, then there are also further settings or start variants available.
  6. So the tile of an app comes back to the start screen
    Select from "All Apps" and then make it available again with "Attach to Start".
  7. Also goes from Windows Explorer
    For example, the tiles can also be attached to the start screen for folders directly from the context menu.
  8. So it's a new group
    If the user places a tile on a free area, Windows 8 shows that a new group of tiles is created here.
  9. Now the groups can be edited and moved
    After clicking on the minus sign, the tiles are not only reduced, but can also be edited and named by group.
  10. The first step to the "Shut Down" tile
    Creating a shortcut works in the usual way on the desktop.
  11. The place where all shortcuts for the Home screen are located
    In the directory "Programs" can be written here but only with administrator rights.
  12. The final step
    The shortcut will be pinned to the home screen as a tile.
  13. Home screen with own content
    In addition to the self-created group with appropriate programs and shortcuts, there is now also the own tile for quickly turning off the Windows 8 computer.