Update comes on Friday: Microsoft announces bug fix for Internet Explorer


There will be a comprehensive software update, the company announced in a blog post on the night of Thursday. Temporarily, Micrsoft recommended that users install the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit v3.0 for malware protection. Now the company has published another interim solution on its web page. According to the company, so far only a few users have become the target of an attack.

The vulnerability had become known over the weekend, and on Monday night, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) advised to switch to other browsers to navigate the Internet. Affected are computers that use the Internet Explorer versions 7 or 8 under the operating system Windows XP, as well as in versions 8 and 9 under Windows 7, it said. Other IT security experts such as F-Secure also advised against using the Microsoft browser.

The vulnerability can be used to infect a computer with a Trojan - a covert malicious software. It is enough to visit a prepared website. The new Internet Explorer 10, which officially appears at the end of October with the operating system Windows 8, does not know the problem. (Dpa / Jha)