Quarterly figures: Hardware business Oracle is a block on the leg


The slow business with powerful company computers slows down Oracle. In the first fiscal quarter (PDF link), the revenue of the successful US group fell compared to the same period last year by two percent to 8.2 billion dollars (the equivalent of 6.3 billion euros). The traditional software business was unable to compensate for the losses in the hardware division. The stock fell slightly on Thursday ahead of the Nasdaq market close and was virtually unchanged after-hours.

However, Oracle managed to increase the profit by 11 percent to two billion dollars, the company said. Reason were on the one hand cost reductions. Above all, Oracle owed the profit jump, however, to its archrival SAP. In the row over software clutches that had raged for several years, the Germans had agreed to pay Oracle $ 306 million. According to Oracle Chief Financial Officer Safra Catz, this sum is now included in the balance sheet.

Employees of the 2005 acquired and now closed SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow had unlawfully downloaded updates from Oracle on a large scale. Oracle complained and was awarded damages. Disputed is until today only the height. Finally, to get rid of the topic, SAP pulled out the checkbook. At the instigation of Oracle, the process still goes into the next round.


The two companies are not only spinnenefeind since the legal dispute. SAP is the world leader in enterprise software. Thus companies regulate about the accounting or the customer administration. Oracle is the leader in databases, but with acquisitions it has moved more and more into the traditional field of SAP. That hardened the fronts.

Known for his pithy proverbs, Oracle boss Larry Ellison spent tens of billions of dollars on acquisitions in recent years. Among other things, he bought two years ago for $ 7.4 billion the company computer specialist Sun Microsystems. The entire hardware division now lost almost a fifth of its revenue. (Dpa / tc)