Kaspersky: Development of Flame started in 2006


The development of the espionage software began in December 2006 and will continue even further, said on Monday an expert of the Russian IT security company Kaspersky, Vitaly Kamluk. The malware investigators discovered several servers that served as command centers for spying data with the help of Flame and masquerading as a server for a content management system (CMS). The analysis found evidence of three hitherto unknown malicious programs related to Flame. Of these, one is still spread on the net, said Kamluk the news agency dpa.

According to his analysis, the evaluation revealed that one of these control centers had collected 5.5 gigabytes of compressed data within one week. Most of the computers that were spied on with the help of a Flame variant were therefore in Iran and Sudan. But there were computers in Germany infected with the malware. (Dpa / tc)