Mobile messaging: WhatsApp - for free at the expense of security?


WhatsApp has "some serious security issues, " states fileperms. After more detailed analysis, the author comes to the clear conclusion: "Do not use WhatsApp. Really, do not do it."

"Fileperms" criticized WhatsApp, inter alia, the insufficient encryption (for example, the mobile number of the user is still transmitted unencrypted), the miserable authentication (in Android via a md5 hash of the device IMEI, iOS from the wireless MAC address), lack of data protection (for example, when comparing the user contacts with the WhatsApp servers) as well as the bad encryption of the local database with the message history.

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WhatsApp currently exchanges more than a billion messages daily between mobile phones. The service available for virtually all Internet-enabled phones is by far the most popular of a whole range of services that have broken the SMS mobile business model for mobile carriers. The network operators now rely on the more powerful new standard Joyn, which, however, will be free only for the less-user.