Hope for SAP: Database Hana meets billions in demand


"Our business with Hana is doing extremely well, " said CFO Werner Brandt in an interview with the financial news agency dpa-AFX on Monday. "On a rolling basis over the next four quarters, the pipeline adds up to around 1.3 billion euros." So far, the competitor of the US group Oracle with Hana still little. By the end of June, the database contributed just under 1.6 percent to total revenue, at 113 million euros.

But the growth is fast. For the year as a whole, SAP wants to realize € 320 million with Hana. Experts attach great importance to the software, especially as SAP is using the so-called in-memory database in Oracle's core business. The strong industry interest should soon lead to higher measurable results in the numbers. "We currently have 500 customers, " said Brandt. The technological lead over the competition is still one and a half to two years.

Hana is an in-house development of Walldorf. With the program large amounts of data can be spotted within seconds, rather than tedious looking for it on the hard disk. As a self-developed harbinger, Hana faces a series of large-scale acquisitions, with which SAP had recently acquired new businesses with billions of dollars. In 2008, the shopping tour began with the analytics company Business Objects, followed by the manufacturer of databases and software for mobile devices Sybase, then the provider of HR rental software Succesfactors and finally the trading platform Ariba. (Dpa / tc)