Petition 35009: Pirates bring ancillary copyright to petition committee


Petition35009 calls on the Bundestag to fundamentally reject such an intellectual property right. This morning, two days after the petition was closed, the initiative found support from almost 3, 400 co-signers. The aim is to have 50, 000 supporters to reach public consultation in the Petitions Committee. A signing is still possible until October 10, 2012.

According to the bill adopted by the Federal Cabinet at the end of August, Internet search engines in Germany are to pay license fees to publishers for the provision of press articles in the network. The initiative is directed in particular against search engines like Google and commercial message evaluators, so-called news aggregators. The mere linking of articles is not covered by the new law, it is mainly about the snapshot ("snippets"), with which portals such as Google News refer to the reports on the publisher's pages. With such a law, the diversity of opinion is severely restricted and makes the research work for journalists difficult criticized the Pirate Party on Thursday.

The Petitions Committee of the Bundestag advises on every submitted petition - usually non-public. If a number of 50, 000 signatories is reached, there is an increased chance that the initiative will also be publicly advised, it said on Thursday in the secretariat of the Petitions Committee. The decision is made by the committee. By now, a third of all petitions - more than 15, 000 last year - have been submitted via the Internet. (Dpa / tc)