SAP Hosting: Burda Digital Systems moves to IBM


IBM's "BladeCenter HS22" and "IBM SAN Volume Controller" are now delivering twice the performance of HP's solution, according to a Big Blue message. At the same time, the IT service provider had taken a step in the direction of "green IT" with its new infrastructure, significantly reduced its cooling requirements and automatically regulated power consumption.

According to the user report, Burda Digital Systems operates a large SAP environment with about 50 systems - 16 of which are productive - for its customers. The largest single system has around 1400 users (600 concurrent). The IT infrastructure used to date has for years been based on HP servers with HP-UX and HP storage solutions. Increasing workload and data volume resulted in long backup and recovery times and low overall system performance.

Reliability, cost-efficiency, higher performance and short backup and recovery times were important criteria for Burda Digital Systems when choosing the new server and storage infrastructure. Thomas Gießler, head of RZ at Burda Digital Systems, said: "We analyzed our requirements and explained our business and our needs to the various vendors, and a clear requirement was best practices because we wanted to bring our IT up to the latest technology."

The service provider ultimately chose four "BladeCenter-H" systems, two in each of its data centers. Each chassis with 14 slots is once equipped with six "HS22" blasts with Intel Xeon processor "5600" series and thus still has plenty of room for future expansion. The BladeCenter are redundantly connected as a "stretched cluster" to a SAN Volume Controller. This way, at least part of the system remains available for both locations even in the event of a breakdown. "We chose IBM as the basis for our SAP environment mainly because of the SVC and its storage virtualization capability for technology, " Gießler continued.

The services of his company would have received through the IBM technology, twice as high system performance and a much higher flexibility and availability, says the data center boss. Following the successful proof of concept together with IBM and its partner Profi Engineering Systems, Burda Digital Systems has successfully completed the migration to the new server and storage infrastructure.

Burda Digital Systems is a division of Burda Direkt Services, which in turn is a subsidiary of the Munich-based media company Hubert Burda Media. It offers IT services for internal and external customers. The full-service provider has branches in Offenburg, Munich, Hamburg and Karlsruhe and around 1200 employees.