But only with Intune: Windows RT tablets can be managed


Windows 8 RT can not log on to a Windows domain (Active Directory). Microsoft has now revealed that ARM tablets with Windows 8 can be very centrally managed by the IT department - but not via the AD, but rather through the cloud-based service "Windows Intune".

Most organizations use the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) for PC management. In the future, Microsoft intends to more closely integrate this with Intune, which is intended to administer mobile end devices, thus enabling management from a central console.

The annoying thing about it is that users are more expensive because they have to pay for an additional service, as "Business Insider" points out (even if Microsoft wants to grant SCCM customers a discount on Intune). To make matters worse, that Intune is ever sold only to companies that also use the email server Exchange on-premises, as Don Retallack of "Directions on Microsoft" explains.

  1. Desktop management with Windows Intune
    The Administrator Console provides direct access to the list of Windows Intune accounts.
  2. Desktop management with Windows Intune
    The client independently loads additional software components.
  3. Desktop management with Windows Intune
    Looks and works like a locally installed application, but is virtualized: Adobe Reader as an App-V package.