CW Webcast: Integrating new applications faster with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions


All too quickly such a project develops into a confusing mammoth project with a wealth of pitfalls, difficult-to-calculate follow-up costs and overlong project durations.

However, because it is more important than ever to equip business units with the necessary software as quickly as possible, standardization in the rollout of industry-specific solutions will become the model of the future. Is Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) the new magic formula? It is designed to give newcomers to SAP as well as existing customers who want to expand their system landscape a completely new level of agility. With RDS, customers only decide whether they prefer to use a hosting solution, their own operation and / or a mobile solution, in each case in conjunction with a flexible fixed-price model.

The theme is dedicated to a large panel of experts in the live video webcast of COMPUTERWOCHE on September 18, 2012, 11-12 am. The focus will be on questions such as: who are Rapid Deployment Solutions suitable for? How can Rapid Deployment Solutions "tailor" existing SAP software with configuration content and so-called "predefined services" to the respective business problem?

The speakers are: Tobias Ortwein, analyst at Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), Matthias Krüger, managing director at the IT service provider Youcon, Thomas Reissner, sales director Rapid Deployment Solutions DACH at SAP Germany and Christian Haas, head of Gewofag Customer Service - Non-Profit Housing Welfare AG Munich, which reports from practice.

Participation in the webcast is free.