TCO Development: First screens receive the latest sustainability seal


This includes corporate social responsibility (CSR) factors as well as environmental and usability requirements. They are designed to ensure that the manufacturing, use and recycling of IT products takes into account their environmental, social and economic responsibilities, enabling IT buyers to select computer displays that are as socially responsible as possible.

From the point of view of Sweden, the interest in ethical production methods in the IT sector is growing. In light of recent Apple / Foxxconn revelations regarding poor working conditions and subsequent social audit, TCO Development is facing an industry-wide problem. Stephen Fuller, who is responsible for the CSR criteria at TCO Certified, comments, "The IT industry needs to improve its social commitment to manufacturing, but since the introduction of our CSR requirements, we have seen more and more brands adopting CSR practices in their manufacturing facilities introduce."

For buyers who want to make sustainable IT decisions, the TCO Certified seal of approval should provide reassurance that all product models have been reviewed by independent third parties. CSR measures by manufacturers (including progress in complying with ILO and UN conventions) are examined through social audits and participation in programs such as SA8000 and EICC. The TCO Development database contains a complete list of all certified products.