Bloomberg: This year no Apple TV anymore


The iPhone group has been working since 2005 on a push into the TV business, but negotiations with the American television industry proved to be a major stumbling block, reported the news agency Bloomberg on Thursday. Among other things, the major American cable companies wanted to control the operation of the devices, according to informed persons. The software decides what, and how, viewers get to see.

In any case, Apple's television plans are likely to be limited to the US market given the complexity of the international network of rights. In the US, cable operators have power in the TV business: they provide access to television programs for monthly fees and defend themselves against any attack on this key position. At the same time, there is a growing supply of video on demand, where consumers directly get the programs that interest them from the network.

Apple's vision is to merge classic television and online offerings into an offer, Bloomberg continued. Among other things, further broadcasts should be proposed based on the interests of the viewer and the service should work seamlessly across all devices of the group. The remote control should be iPhones and iPads. So far, Apple offers only the almost $ 100 expensive set-top box Apple TV, can be on the shipments and movies from the iTunes platform and services such as Hulu and Netflix bring to the TV.

The company had already before the start of the first Apple TV model in 2007 talks with cable operators, it said. Unlike the deals with the music industry and book publishers, it was Apple founder Steve Jobs until his death last fall but failed to get the cable companies on the boat. Also, according to Bloomberg, there is no debate that consumers are saving cable fees. A point of contention, however, is whether Apple may even offer them their own device, through which they would have access to their cable subscription. Currently the receiver has to be rented by the cable operator.

Apple was the furthest in the negotiations with Time Warner Cable, it said. The cable division of the media giant could therefore be the starting partner. But Apple's offer would not even be available nationwide in the US: Time Warner Cable is strong, especially in New York and Los Angeles.

The speculations about an Apple television that had been circulating for a long time had gained new impetus this year. Some analysts even predicted a start to the year-end. (Dpa / tc)