ReadyCache: SanDisk makes Windows 7 with cache SSD legs


SanDisk ReadyCache is an SSD caching solution that works in addition to your desktop computer's hard drive. It combines a 2.5-inch 32-gigabyte SSD with the ExpressCache software from Condusiv Technologies, which distributes SanDisk exclusively.

SanDisk promises faster boot times (up to four times compared to a single drive) with ReadyCache and up to twelve times faster load times for applications. In addition, ReadyCache supports multiple hard drives with arbitrarily high storage capacity, provides data consistency (all data in the cache is simultaneously in primary storage) and allows multiple applications to be used simultaneously.

The product comes with an installation kit that includes a 6 GB / s data rate SATA cable, a 3.5-inch mounting bracket, and screws. SanDisk ReadyCache is now available for just under 50 euros, the manufacturer provides a three-year warranty.