Monday tale: Amazon subsidizes new tablet with advertising


The prices for tablet computers could soon continue to slide. As the "Wall Street Journal" reported on Friday, Amazon plans to release a version of its upcoming flat-calculator with commercials. This model would then be offered cheaper, the newspaper said, citing people involved in the discussions about the device.

Amazon itself was silent at first. Company boss Jeff Bezos, however, had recently stated that it was "an exciting roadmap" in front of the company.

The company would not even break new ground with advertising. Already since last year, the world's largest online retailer offers its e-book reader Kindle with a discount if the customer tolerates advertising. The device is available in the US from 79 dollars (63 euros) instead of 109 dollars (87 euros) for the ad-free counterpart. In Germany, the Kindle is not available with advertising. Here the cheapest variant costs 99 euros.

According to the newspaper, an ad would appear on the discounted new tablet computer at launch. Exact prices are however unclear. The previous "Kindle Fire" from Amazon cost $ 199 plus taxes and had caused quite a stir. An Apple iPad is twice as expensive. Since Thursday, the Kindle Fire but sold out.

  1. OYO II
    The bookstore chain Thalia has launched the successor model of its own e-reader with the OYO II. Some critics expressed disappointed about the device. Cost: 99 euros
  2. Amazon Kindle Touch
    Two Kindle readers, which can be operated by fingering, will also be sold in Germany from April 27th.
  3. Amazon Kindle Touch
    The touch model with Wi-Fi is available for 129 euros, the version with 3G for 189 euros.
  4. Amazon Kindle Touch
    Both devices have a 6-inch screen and can hold up to 3, 000 books.
  5. Amazon Kindle Touch
    Just like the models already available in Germany, the Kindle Touch uses electronic ink technology. The reading feeling is similar to reading on real paper and is not affected by bright sunlight.
  6. Amazon Kindle
    The Kindle for 99 euros without touch function will continue to be available in Germany.
  7. Amazon Kindle Fire
    The Kindle Fire tablet, which caused a sensation in the US with a price of $ 199 and a color display and is referred to by some as an iPad competitor, is still not available in Germany.
  8. Amazon Kindle Fire
    Amazon is considered the leader in the e-book business. For years, the company praised the Kindle sales figures, without giving specific numbers. In December 2011 it was communicated that in the pre-Christmas period just a week, one million Kindle devices were sold.
  9. Sony PRS-T1
    As the strongest Kindle competitor is the Sony Reader, the model PRS-T1 advertises the manufacturer as the lightest e-reader in the world. The screen is a touch screen, to flip through the screen like the iPad on the screen. Cost: 149 euros
  10. Kyobo e-reader
    At the end of last year, a Korean bookseller introduced the Kyobo e-reader, the world's first e-reader based on Mirasol technology. The display is colored and can display videos. The device should be able to do without electricity for several weeks. In Germany it is not available so far.

It is widely expected that Amazon will present a successor at a press conference scheduled for next Thursday (September 6) - with a higher screen resolution to match Apple's current iPad and its so-called Retina display. There are also rumors about a smartphone from Amazon.

Amazon will have to slim down in price and gain in equipment to build on the success of the first Kindle Fire. The device had grabbed according to company accounts for a share of 22 percent of the tablet sales in the US. With the "Nexus 7" from Google, numerous upcoming devices with Windows 8 such as Microsoft's Surface and an expected smaller iPad, the competition is steadily increasing.

For Amazon, a tablet computer is important to sell his music, movies, series or books. That's why the fight price. Technical experts had calculated that the online retailer on the device itself can hardly have earned anything - or even paid. (Dpa / tc)