Wikileaks founder: Assange expects to stay in embassy for up to a year


"The Swedish government could stop the case, I think that's the most likely scenario, maybe after a careful investigation into what happened, " Assange said in an interview broadcast on Ecuadorian television. "I think it will be solved in six to twelve months, that's my assessment."

The 41-year-old Australian expressed in the conversation with the broadcaster Telesur the expectation that his situation would be "solved by diplomacy". The interview was recorded in the embassy building a few days ago, according to BBC information. British Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Thursday the BBC that a solution was far from being in sight. "This could go on for a long time - so we are not threatening Ecuador's message, " he said.

Internet activist Assange, founder of the Wikileaks disclosure platform, has been there since mid-June. Ecuador granted him asylum on 16 August. If Assange leaves the protected area of ​​the embassy, ​​the British police want to arrest him. Assange is wanted by the Swedish judiciary for alleged sexual offenses by EU-wide arrest warrant. Assange fears that he will be extradited to the United States, where he may be convicted of treason. Wikileaks had published tens of thousands of secret US despatches on the Internet. (Dpa / tc)