Tablet meets Ultrabook: IFA shows trend towards the all-round device


Numerous IFA exhibitors under the Berlin radio tower show new devices that are supposed to boost the Christmas business and challenge the market leader Apple. Particularly interesting are the first tablet computers with the new Microsoft Windows 8 system, small tablets in notebook size and so-called hybrid devices that can be easily connected to a keyboard and not only for Internet use or on the couch, but also to offer productive work.

"This is the next phase of the tablet revolution, " says Sony manager Kunimasa Suzuki about the "Xperia Tablet S" presented at IFA. This flat computer, with 570 grams lighter than its predecessor, runs however still with the Google system Android. The built-in quad-core processor, here a Tegra 3 from Nvidia, has now become standard - the apps should start as quickly as possible and bring their content quickly to the display.

More exciting, however, are just the first tablet computer with Windows 8 - the Microsoft system will be released on 26 October. And in a ragged break with its previous line, the software market leader also brings out a tablet itself, with the model name "Surface". With a flat keyboard that also serves as a protective cover, the Microsoft device bridges the gap to the laptop and is thus in line with the trend: the new Windows tablets merge with Ultrabooks, the ultra-thin and lightweight notebooks with certain performance requirements set by Intel,
  1. Miss IFA 2012
    Ultrabooks, tablets, 3D TVs and lots of accessories for IT users: IFA 2012 in Berlin (31st August to 5th September) will be presenting much more than consumer electronics and home appliances. The highlights can be found here.
  2. HTC Desire X
    With the HTC presented at the IFA a smartphone with 4-inch touch screen, Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC's user interface Sense 4.1 and is powered by a dual-core processor of the Snapdragon S4 series by Qualcomm with a clock speed of 1 GHz,
  3. LG 84LM9600 - 84 inches UD 3D
    LG Electronics introduces a UD 3D television with 84 inches at the IFA. The 84LM9600 resolves pictures with a screen diagonal of 213.4 centimeters in 3, 840 by 2, 160 pixels.
  4. LG 84LM9600 (right side view)
    For the sound LG wants his UD TV donated a 3D sound zooming function and a 2.2 speaker system.
  5. LG 84LM9600 (slim display)
    The Resolution Upscaler Plus feature is designed to render the rendering of hard disks and web pages.
  6. LG 84LM9600 (rear view slightly angled))
    The display displays images at 8.3 million pixels, which is four times the resolution of Full High Definition TV panels.
  7. LG 84LM9600 (UD 3D TV with 84 inches)
    So far, there is no information as of when the TV is available in this country.
  8. Gaming notebook XMG P722
    Two Nvidia graphics cards, Intel's "Extreme" CPU and a 17.3-inch Full HD display: Schenker promises a "brutal performance" for the high-end XMG P722 notebook.
  9. Gaming notebook XMG P722
    Sleek: This is what a high-end notebook looks like for gamers from the back.
  10. devolo dLAN TV Sat 2400-CI + (technology)
    With the devolo dLAN TV Sat 2400-CI +, the satellite TV signal is to be transmitted to every room without additional cables. The signal reaches the TV via the socket.
  11. devolo dLAN TV Sat 2400-CI + (tuner)
    dLAN TV Sat 2400-CI + tuner including powerline adapter for the socket.
  12. devolo dLAN TV Sat 2400-CI + (complete set)
    The complete set includes all accessories for the installation and costs about 400 euros.
  13. devolo dLAN TV Sat 2400-CI +
    The complete set resolves the picture in Full HD with 1.080i and supports the DVB-S2 standard (Digital Video Broadcasting Satellite).
  14. Packard Bell EasyNote TV (in white)
    Packard Bell's EasyNote TV 15.6-inch notebook features one-click hot keys for social networking platforms, backups, volume control, music playback, and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  15. Packard Bell EasyNote TV (side view)
    Additional features of the EasyNote TV: second generation Intel Core processor, HDMI, Wi-Fi, chiclet keyboard, multi-gesture touchpad, USB 3.0, 5-in-1 card reader, webcam, pre-installed Nero 10 Essentials and Adobe Photoshop Elements, The notebook should be up to five hours without a socket.
  16. Packard Bell EasyNote TV (in black)
    The graphics card is either an NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M or NVIDIA GeForce GT620M and the display resolution is 1366x768 pixels (16: 9 ratio).
  17. Imation Defender H200
    The US manufacturer Imation presents new external hard drives with optional encryption via fingerprint authentication. In the picture the model "Defender Biometric H200" with a capacity of 1 TB.
  18. AOC e2795Vh (front view)
    The new multimedia monitor with the somewhat bulky designation e2795Vq by AOC has a screen diagonal of 27 inches and dissolves in full HD.
  19. AOC e2795Vh (side view)
    The interface repertoire includes a VGA, HDMI, DVI-D input and a DisplayPort. In addition, AOC has installed a total of four USB 2.0 ports.
  20. AOC e2795Vh (side view)
    Since AOC has designed the monitor based on LEDs, the company promises a maximum consumption of 38 watts. In standby mode it should be only 0.5 watts. With a price of 329 euros, the e2795Vq is located in the middle price segment.
  21. Logitech TV Cam HD (front view)
    With the Logitech TV Cam HD, users should be able to conduct a Skype video chat with any HDTV via HDMI.
  22. Logitech TV Cam HD (rear view)
    Both when the TV is switched on and when it is switched off, inquiries arrive and a ringtone rings. The camera has HDMI, WLAN and Ethernet connections. Four microphones are responsible for the sound quality and filter noise.
  23. Logitech TV Cam HD (remote control)
    With the help of the remote control, incoming inquiries are answered or Skype operated. The TV Cam HD will cost 199 euros and can be pre-ordered at Logitech.

The manufacturers of Ultrabooks also draw the consequence of the relatively sluggish demand for these devices - which is not least due to the attractiveness of the tablet computer. "Anyone who buys a tablet is not likely to go to an ultrabook, " says Annette Zimmermann, an analyst at Gartner. The market research firm predicts that the Ultrabooks will make up just five percent of the notebook market this year - taking into account Apple's successful Macbook Air. Only with falling prices will demand increase.

Sony is showing a combo device at the IFA: The "Vaio Duo 11" can be "transformed in no time at all from a powerful Ultrabook into a practical tablet". The flying change between keyboard and tablet mode but has its price: The 18-millimeter thin device with a weight of 1.3 kilograms and 11.6-inch touch screen is available from 1200 euros; The launch is scheduled for late October, even though Windows 8 is here.

The Korean iPad challenger Samsung, which had just suffered a bitter legal defeat in the patent dispute with Apple in California, is now breaking new ground with Windows 8. At the IFA, the manufacturer presented a classic tablet, the "Ativ Tab" and a hybrid tablet, the "Ativ Smart PC", with removable, magnetically adhesive keyboard and additional, pressure-sensitive pen operation.

Also Toshiba presented on Thursday a portable computer with Windows 8, which can be operated via the touch screen as well as on the slide-out keyboard: The "Satellite U920t" has a 12.5-inch screen and weighs 1.45 kilograms; it should cost around 950 euros.

The manufacturer Asus will present at IFA Computex in the domestic Taiwan presented "Tablet 810" with Windows 8 and Intel processor and the "Tablet 600" with the special RT version of Windows for processors of the ARM platform, here for the Nvidia processor Tegra 3. Both devices follow the "Transformer" concept of Asus with attachable keyboard, with which the company set early on the hybrid trend. "There are many users who want to use the tablet not only for consuming content but also for productive work, " explains Asus product manager Jörg Wissing.

"Whether Windows 8 can push Android tablet computers next year, you have to wait, because Android is very well accepted, " says Asus manager Wissing. The development is probably also influenced by the price of the Windows 8 tablets. All tablet manufacturers calculated their prices very close, explains Wissing. However, this is also common in the development of a future market, since all manufacturers are interested in securing a good position early on.

However, the new hybrid devices are significantly more expensive than classic tablet. "Unfortunately, this is not a mass-market price, so sales will certainly not go to infinity, " says market observer Zimmermann. The pricing for the Surface from Microsoft is likely to be exciting: If the assumptions of a price range of 200 to 300 euros apply, says Zimmermann, "these hybrids would certainly find very good sales".

Like last year, the manufacturers at the IFA spellbound look at the non-existent tablet market leader Apple: Of the Californians is expected in the fall, a smaller iPad variant. (Dpa / tc)