IFA: AVM shows new LTE Fritz! Box 6810 and more


The new Fritz! Box 6810 LTE relies on a new design, especially developed for LTE use. According to the manufacturer, it combines all functions that are important for communication in one device: LTE radio, WLAN n, LAN connection and DECT base station. The landline connection can be completely eliminated, since the Fritz! Box 6810 supports calls via LTE. It works on the two LTE frequency bands 800 megahertz and 2.6 gigahertz and fits with its 6 centimeters wide and 13 centimeters high on every windowsill. The Fritz! Box 6810 LTE is available from the IFA for just under 230 euros.

For IFA AVM also begins with the marketing of Vodafone LTE ports in the package with an LTE Fritz! Box; Prices start at just under € 24 per month. "LTE direct" is graded in four speeds from 3.6 megabits per second to 50 MBit / s and is offered nationwide via the IT specialist. The SIM card is activated immediately, eliminating the known from other broadband access times for the activation. To start, there is the package with up to 21.6 MBit / s download and 5.7 MBit / s upload speed including telephone flatrate for Germany for just under 39 euros per month.

The new "Fritz! WLAN Repeater 310" is only 8 centimeters high, about 6 centimeters wide and therefore not larger than a socket. It transmits with WLAN n and up to 300 megabits per second and uses "Transmit Beam Forming" (TxBF) for higher data throughput. Five LEDs indicate the field strength to facilitate optimal positioning in the home. The average power consumption is AVM with about 2 watts. Another novelty: The new repeater automatically takes over in a Fritz! Box configured night service. The connection to the box is easy and secure at the push of a button. The Fritz! WLAN Repeater 310 is available after the IFA for almost 50 euros.


With "Fritz! Powerline 530E" and "510E" AVM expands its Powerline product range. The two models are even more energy-efficient in operation and economical in standby with their 100 Mb LAN connection (the previous "520E" and "500E" have GbE); they will be on the market in October.

With the "Fritz! DECT 200" AVM presents for the first time at the IFA an "intelligent socket". This purpose-alienated the actually designed for cordless telephones DECT radio technology for measuring, controlling and controlling in home automation. This allows, for example, the use of a weekly calendar, an astro function (sunrise and sunset) for automatic switching or control via a Google calendar.

Fritz! DECT 200 measures the power consumption of connected devices (even over a longer period of time) and informs via Pushmail about power consumption and switching times. It can be controlled in conjunction with a DECT-enabled Fritz! Box as the "7390" via PC or phone and via "MyFritz!" even remotely. The smart socket uses DECT ULE (ultra-low energy), which uses its own frequency band at 1880 MHz. This is to ensure security against eavesdropping and a long range between 50 and 300 meters. Fritz! DECT 200 is in the connection to the IFA first in the Fritz! Laboratory available.

AVM will be presenting these and other trade fair news on VDSL, LTE, WLAN, Powerline and DECT live at the IFA in hall 17, stand 115.