Fraunhofer HHI and Partners: Innovation Center for 3D opened in Berlin


The Innovation Center is creating a close network between science and industry, said Rösler. German technology plays a significant role in 3D. "Films like 'Avatar' are unimaginable without technology made in Germany." In Germany, around 2, 500 mostly small and medium-sized companies are involved in 3D.

The key operator is the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute. The main focus in the coming years should be the reduction of production costs. Currently, the high costs are hampering the development of TV productions in 3D, said Ralf Schäfer of the HHI and head of the Innovation Center. The researchers also want to achieve an improved quality of the images. "You should not get a headache from 3D, " Schäfer said. In the medium term, the spectacles still required so far are usually eliminated.

Even better methods to convert digital footage in 3D, the partners want to develop. So far, such conversions are in many cases immensely expensive. Converting the movie "Titanic", for example, one of the most expensive films of all time, cost $ 93, 000 per minute, said Sebastian Knorr of Imcube Labs. Accompanying the center will also be platform for events around the topic of 3D, said the operator.

The now 50 partners, including Deutsche Telekom, Sky Deutschland, Loewe and Dolby, have been working together for several years in various working groups and are developing methods for further developing three-dimensional images in entertainment, but also for industrial applications and medical technology. The project was requested by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. (Dpa / tc)