Windows 8 support: VMware releases Workstation 9 and Fusion 5


The new version 9 of VMware Workstation has a new "Easy-Install" feature to facilitate the creation of virtual machines for Windows 8 that can run concurrently with a number of legacy operating systems. The so-called Unity Mode now works intelligently with Windows 8 applications; it also supports multi-touch input.

Other innovations in VMware Workstation 9 are according to the manufacturer

  • More Powerful Virtual Machines: Faster boot, USB 3.0 support for Windows 8 virtual machines, compatibility with Intel's Ivy Bridge processors, more powerful virtualization extensions, virtual performance counters, support for OpenGL 2.1 on Linux, and improved 3D graphics performance,

  • Improved Mobility: A new web interface for accessing Virtual Machines in Workstation or vSphere from smartphones, tablets or PCs for a native desktop experience without Flash or other browser plug-ins.

  • Restricted Virtual Machines: Admins or faculty can create virtual machines so that users can not copy files between VMs and physical desktops, incorporate peripherals, and change settings; Such virtual machines can then be encrypted and run on Macs, Windows or Linux PCs running Workstation 9, Fusion 5 or VMware Player 5.

VMware Workstation 9 costs $ 249, an upgrade from the previous versions 7 and 8 is available for $ 119.

The Mac virtualization solution Fusion 5, the VMware developers have reportedly spend 70 new features over the previous version. In addition to Windows, this includes, of course, the support for the current Apple OS X 10.8 system "Mountain Lion", where you are now looking for Windows programs in Launchpad, stream Windows programs via "AirPlay Mirroring" on an HDTV and notifications of Windows applications in Notification Center can read.

In addition, Fusion 5 supports the Retina display on the latest MacBook Pro, USB 3.0 ports and Apple computers with extra memory. In addition, the Virtual Machine Library has been redesigned. It now provides seamless transition between different operating systems, one-click snapshots and a new graphics driver for 3D Linux desktops. Overall, Fusion 5 should run around 40 percent faster than the previous version, as well as offer better power management features and faster 3D graphics.

For the first time VMware Fusion sells also in a "Professional" variant with additional functions for among other things the employment in enterprises. These include support for creating the Restricted Virtual Machines already mentioned in Workstation 9, a commercial license for VMware Player 5, and access to exclusive online support resources. VMware Fusion 5 and Fusion 5 Professional cost just under $ 50 and $ 100. An upgrade of Fusion 5 Professional from Fusion 3 and 4, as well as the Crossgrade from the competing product Parallels Desktop (whose new version 8 is announced for 4 September) with 50 dollars to book.