New Kindle Fire awaits: Amazon invites to press conference on September 6


The day before, Microsoft and Nokia are expected to introduce the first devices with their next Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system. And Apple is expected to launch the next iPhone on September 12th. The company has not sent any invitations so far.

Amazon also keeps a lid: The invitations sent on Thursday to Santa Monica in California did not contain any indication of what it was about. However, among other things, the usually well-informed blog "All Things D" reported that the world's largest online retailer in the next few months would bring the new version of his tablet computer "Kindle Fire" on the market. Among other things, it should get a higher screen resolution. There are also rumors about an Amazon smartphone. In Germany, there is the Kindle Fire so far not - among other things, probably because Amazon in this country has less interesting content (partnerships) for the device.

There is persistent speculation that Apple could also introduce a smaller and cheaper version of its tablet iPad. That would directly go against the Kindle Fire and Google's "Nexus 7". Apple leaves the business with smaller tablets so far the competition. However, thanks to the success of the iPad, Apple's share of the tablet market is estimated at around 70 percent. Accurate details are difficult, partly because Amazon has never mentioned sales figures for its devices. (Dpa / tc)