For coffee shakers: Washable keyboard from Logitech


The Washable Keyboard K310 is, according to Logitech, "the most durable member" of the company's keyboard family. It should survive a bath in the sink, but still provide a comfortable typing feel. "It's these moments of horror that get you going when coffee, tea or juice tilts over the keyboard, " says Skander Kafaar, Germany and Austria CEO of Logitech. Logitech has developed the K310 for these little crises of PC everyday life. "It always looks like new and will continue to work flawlessly even after years, " promises Kafaar.

Anyway, you can clean the K310 according to the manufacturer with up to 50 degrees hot water and immerse it up to 30 inches deep. Drain holes on the bottom should ensure that the keyboard then dries quickly again. The buttons are laser-marked and provided with a UV coating to make them more resistant to water and dirt. The key label, according to Logitech, holds up to five million characters.

The keyboard is compatible with all current Windows versions. Twelve hotkeys provide access to frequently used applications; The keyboard does not need special drivers. The Washable Keyboard K310 is available in Germany from October 2012 for just under 40 euros.