Appsense: user virtualization now with Data Broker


From the end-user perspective, Datanow Essentials works much like the popular consumer service Dropbox; however, the solution leverages existing infrastructure, allowing IT to remain in control.

The company data required by the respective employee can be stored on a NAS, SAN, Windows file server or in any other form and thus remain in the company. The virtual appliance of the Data Broker then brings the files to the user. For this purpose, it can run in the DMZ via a hypervisor such as Hyper-V, VMware ESX or Xen.

Endpoints can be almost any type of device. Appsense currently offers apps for Android and iOS devices as well as Windows and Mac.

"Trends such as mobility and BYOD are forcing companies to rethink the accessibility mechanisms for their diverse devices, " said David Roussain, VP of Product Marketing, Appsense. "Datanow Essentials is the first product to meet this challenge." It is not necessary to move immediately to the cloud or to migrate data to an overlay storage infrastructure.

Appsense's updated User Virtualization Platform is now available and included in all current and future licenses. The manufacturer will also be showing Datanow Essentials at VMworld 2012 from August 26th to 30th in San Francisco.