Swedish design: Ergonomic Mini Keyboard by Penclic


The "Mini Keyboard" is the second product of the Swedish company after the pen mouse presented at CeBIT. Its 5-millimeter profile is designed to prevent, inter alia, the RSI syndrome. The Penclic Mini Keyboard has low normal sized "Scissor" buttons. It reflects minimal according to the manufacturer and adapts to the color displayed on the screen.

It is available in a wired ("C2") and a wireless version ("K2") with batteries and USB nano-receiver. You can run the Penclic Mini Keyboard without any special drivers with any operating system that supports HID 1.1. However, not all special features are available with Mac OS X according to the manufacturer.

In Germany, the Hamburg company ergotrading distributes the Penclic products. Prices include VAT for the Penclic Mini Keyboard C2 just under 55 euros and for the wireless K2 version almost 65 euros.