With Windows 8: Microsoft's EULAs become human readable


This is reported by Ed Bott at "ZDNet", who was able to look at three different End User License Agreements (EULAs) of different Windows 8 variants - Retail Upgrade, OEM, and Personal Use License for System Builder.

The Windows 8 EULA therefore no longer consists of page-long, incomprehensible legal jargon, but clearly legible and understandable plain text. It is divided into two parts. The first one is in Q & A style and tries to answer all important questions; the second one then goes into more detail.

Incidentally, with the new Personal Use License for System Builder, Microsoft explicitly grants the user the right for the first time to install the licensed system on a new, self-built PC, in a virtual machine or in a separate partition. What the Personal Use License will cost exactly, Microsoft has not yet revealed (the upgrade is the price of nearly $ 40 for the download variant already known); Bott is tapping "well under $ 100, " which would be much cheaper than on Windows 7 and earlier versions of the Microsoft operating system.