Because of App Store Terms: Consumer advocates sue Google and iTunes


With this demand, the Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv) is now taking legal action against Google and the Apple-operated iTunes Store. In each case, 25 clauses in the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) are criticized, as the consumer advocates announced on Monday in Berlin. Among other things, a lack of imprint on the website, too long contractual terms and clauses to the detriment of consumers were criticized.

After a review of the terms and conditions text sent the consumer advice warnings to five App Store operators with the requirement to make a punishable cease and desist. Microsoft and Nokia have followed this demand and have already changed their terms and conditions accordingly, said vzbv speaker Bianca Skutnik the news agency dpa. Samsung had partially accepted a change in the terms of the complaint. Google and iTunes but had refused to make a cease and desist and have now been sued before the Berlin district court. There is no date for the trial, said Skutnik.

Both Google Play and iTunes, the consumer advocates complained 25 terms clauses. For both providers, personal data would be collected, evaluated and processed without the users having actively consented to it. "The terms of the contract do not allow control over these sensitive data, " criticized the consumer center.

Google has complained about wording which vzbv considers to restrict consumers' rights of withdrawal, termination and warranty, for example with vague terms such as "possibly" or "possibly". ITunes has criticized the length of the contract terms, which include 21 A4 pages and are "almost unnumbered and in font size 9". (Dpa / tc)