Motorola lawsuit: Google escalates patent war with Apple


The new Google subsidiary Motorola filed another lawsuit against the iPhone provider at the US Trade Commission ITC, as a Motorola spokesman for the financial news agency Bloomberg confirmed on Friday. There are seven patents, including email notifications and the video player feature. The focus is on the iPhone, the iPad tablet and the Mac computers. It's Motorola's first big push in patent history since the handset maker was part of the Internet group.

Google had bought Motorola for $ 12.5 billion and completed the acquisition after months of regulatory review in May. The declared goal was to protect the Google Android operating system against patent attacks by competitors such as Apple and Microsoft. Motorola has piled up an arsenal of around 17, 000 patents as a mobile phone pioneer. The ITC wants to decide in a few days on a first complaint of Motorola. In the provisional ruling, a judge found one of Motorola's four patents pending.

The ITC (International Trade Commission) may prohibit the importation of equipment into the United States. Since most of the electronics are now produced in Asia, this would equate to a sales stop. But the trials are long and no company has suffered a crushing defeat at the ITC.

At the heart of the patent war is Google's Android operating system, which currently controls more than half of the smartphone market. Apple founder Steve Jobs found, according to the biography published last year, that Android copied the iOS iPhone operating system. However, Apple decided not to attack Google directly, but individual device manufacturers such as Motorola or Samsung. The confrontation continued after Jobs's death last fall. Currently, a major patent lawsuit is underway between Apple and Samsung in California.

Apple and Google are only through the acquisition of Motorola directly opposite. Recently, reports of a co-operation between the two companies, rather than a bitter bidding contest at the auction of Kodak patents, raised hopes that they would curb the conflict. The ITC lawsuit is against it. (Dpa / tc)