Strong dollar, lower costs: Telekom can stop profit decline


Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization and special items (adjusted EBITDA) remained stable at € 4.7 billion compared to the same quarter last year, as the Dax-listed company announced on Thursday, thanks to the strong dollar, lower early retirement and investment costs. The market had expected a slight decline. The Bonn also confirm their target to achieve adjusted EBITDA of around EUR 18 billion this year with a free cash inflow of EUR 6 billion. "Of course there are still challenges for us, but especially in comparison with our competitors we are doing very well, " said CEO René Obermann. At the beginning of trading, the T share gained 0.77 percent. Dealers rated the numbers in first comments as good.

Consolidated sales fell slightly from € 14.48 to € 14.38 billion. The strong dollar largely offset declines in Germany, Europe and the US. The bottom line rose from 348 to 614 million euros. Here it was evident that the people of Bonn spent half a billion euros less on early retirement than a year ago. Investment spending was also lower this year. However, this was offset by high depreciation in the US, which had not been incurred in the same quarter of the previous year, as the division was to be sold to AT & T.

Domestic market Germany operational strong

As in previous quarters, Telekom relies on its strong domestic business. It benefits from low costs and the fact that Germans currently save less on their telephone costs than customers in other European countries. In the traditional fixed network business, Telekom lost more than a million connections. In return, the television product "Entertain", mobile communications and the broadband business are gaining more and more customers. However, the new customers were unable to stop the decline in important service revenue in the German mobile communications business. They came primarily from resellers and provide little revenue. Contrary to the Telekom came the boom of the mobile Internet. More than a quarter of the average revenue per customer meanwhile makes them with the data stream. Thanks to lower costs, Telekom was able to increase its operating margin slightly to 42 percent in the home country despite the decline in revenue. Germany contributed exactly half of the adjusted EBITDA.

  1. The history of telecom
    Rise, crises and scandals. How the Telekom developed from crusty state enterprise to international ITK player.
  2. 2015
    Telekom has extended its sponsorship agreement with FC Bayern München until 2017.
  3. Vectoring instead of fiber
    Telecom is not driving the expansion of the network, as many wish, especially with fiber optics, but also with Vectoring, a technology that is supposed to get more out of the existing copper wires, but also consumes a lot of electricity at the end customer.
  4. All-IP and IPTV
    With the IPTV service Entertain, Telekom is bringing a steadily increasing flow of data to everywhere.
  5. November 2015
    Deutsche Telekom's new twin-core data center in Biere is realizing a highly secure public cloud with its nearby twin.
  6. Connected car
    Connected Cars, in whose development Telekom invests considerably, are connected with each other and always with a (telecoms) cloud.
  7. Smart Home
    With Qivicon, all networked systems in households can be controlled centrally.
  8. Smart City
    The Smart City, which is equipped with sensor and M2M technology, helps drivers to find a parking space.
  9. Innovations are supposed to …
    … finally bring Telekom permanently out of defense. Responsible for this: the head of the P & I division, Thomas Kiessling
  10. Timothy Höttges, …
    … must, among other things, deal with legacy issues from T-Mobile's US market entry. In addition, a large personal bloodletting in several locations is imminent.
  11. New women for the Telekom board:
    Ex-McKinsey consultant Claudia Nemat takes over the EMEA division, ex-university director Marion Schick the personnel management.
  12. Still desert, …
    … soon Germany's largest data center: At Magdeburg Telekom is building new resources for the cloud business
  13. Still telecom boss …
    … and the late Apple CES Steve Jobs celebrate together 20 years of mobile communications, of course with the iPhone
  14. With new applications …
    … like Smart Meters (see picture) or remote health control Telekom tries to bring even more traffic to the mobile networks while selling new devices
  15. To Mobile World 2011 …
    … Telekom presents its first LTE stick.
  16. 2008:
    Misbehaved with consequences - Manfred Balz is the first director of data protection, law and compliance at Telekom.
  17. Anja Feldmann:
    Feldmann has been head of the department for "Intelligent Networks" and "Management of Distributed Systems" at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories since 2006, an affiliated institute of the Technical University of Berlin. She receives the Leibnitz Prize for her Internet 2 concepts.
  18. 2007:
    Friedrichshafen's Lord Mayor Josef Büchelmeier, Ferdinand Tempel, Head of T-City Representative Office and Divisional Board Technology T-Home Friedrich Fuß are pleased about the selection of Friedrichshafen as a T-City.
  19. 2006:
    According to Kai-Uwe Ricke, the former T-Online Manager René Obermann should bring order to the telecom business.
  20. On January 1, 2005 …
    started the truck toll, which T-Systems was instrumental in realizing.
  21. From 2002 to 2006 …
    Kai-Uwe Ricke, as a member of the Telekom board, managed the fortunes of the company.
  22. 2000:
    The chic Robert T-Online promotes the IPO of the eponymous telecoms offshoot. For the investors in the end a bankruptcy. In that respect, a bankruptcy vulture would have been the better symbol.
  23. 1998:
    The Regulatory Authority for Post and Telecommunications - today Federal Network Agency - which resides in this building in the Bonner Tulpenallee, starts its work and should cause the Telekom still much trouble.
  24. 1996:
    28.50-DM man (so high was the stock price for private investors) Ron Sommer pulls as CEO the first stock exchange course of the Telekom.
  25. Tim Berners Lee:
    The inventor of the World Wide Web, which began its triumphal procession from the beginning of the 90s and also boosted the business of Telekom with DSL connections.
  26. Launch of the D1 network 1992:
    This chip made it possible to call via D1
  27. Only in 1966 …
    the last local agency was switched to automated operation. The lady from the office died.
  28. 1965:
    Make calls to the USA via the Early Bird satellite.
  29. 1961:
    Gigantic for today's conditions, the first telephone for the A network, which started in 1958, appeared.
  30. 1904 …
    Quante installed the first telephone box in Berlin
  31. 1877 …
    The first telephone, manufactured by Siemens, functioned in Berlin.

In the European business, the Bonn can feel the economic downturn clearly. They control with cost reductions. In Greece, where they are represented with the OTE provider, they were able to increase the operating margin. Overall, however, sales and profits declined in Europe.

Unstoppable customer loss in the States

In the US, the exodus of contract customers continued. The bottom line was that 417, 000 customers turned away from T-Mobile. The patchy network coverage in the United States and the lack of cult phones iPhone had driven the customers in droves to the competition. In the saturated market, Telekom finds it particularly difficult to turn around the flow of customers. Turnover declined on a dollar basis, but given the strength of the dollar, a strong plus appears in euros.

Since the failure of the planned sale of American business to AT & T, the Bonn now billions in the expansion of the network stuck, so that it can digest the gigantic amounts of data of smartphones. After the departure of Philipp Humm now his successor Jim Alling tries his luck as US boss. A bright spot is the business with prepayers. As number four in the local market, T-Mobile is positioning itself as a low-cost supplier. As in Germany and Europe, Telekom drastically cuts costs. On a euro basis, operating income increased six percent, and the strong dollar pushed up 19 percent to $ 1.06 billion in euros.

Although sales declined slightly with the IT division T-Systems, business with the data cloud and intelligent networks is gaining momentum. Together with RWE, Telekom supplies Mülheim an der Ruhr with digital electricity meters. With the VW subsidiary Seat, she has implemented a larger cloud project. (Dpa / tc)