CEOs: Germany blocks sharper corruption rules


"The lack of ratification damages the reputation of German business enterprises, " it says in a letter to all faction leaders, the news agency dpa present. A democratic country like Germany must be internationally credible and should not be made unnecessarily vulnerable. Among the more than 30 signatories to the initiative are the CEOs of Siemens, Daimler, Allianz, Bayer, Eon, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Deutsche Telekom, Linde and Metro.

The agreement, signed nine years ago, obliges signatories to act against corrupt officials and work closely together on such offenses. In the meantime over 160 states have ratified the convention. Only a few countries, including Germany, Syria and Saudi Arabia, have not done so far.

The black-yellow coalition has so far blocked ratification. This is justified by the insufficiently regulated in German law criminal offense of parliamentarian bribery. A tightening would prevent the parliamentarians in the view of the Union and FDP in the free exercise of their mandate.

The CEOs called on Parliament to wait no longer with a new regulation. "Integre deputies need not be afraid of stricter regulations, " is cautioned.

The group of states against corruption of the Council of Europe (Greco) had already asked Germany in April (PDF-Link), to adapt immediately its rules in the fight against corruption to international standards. For this, the organization of the Federal Government had set a deadline until the end of June, but this has passed without success. Greco is considering sending a commission to Germany. (Dpa / tc)