Update: Acer boss criticizes Microsoft's tablet plans


Taiwanese computer manufacturer Acer fears that Microsoft's new tablet plans will have a very negative impact on the entire computer industry. "We said to Microsoft, think again, " said Acer boss JT Wang of the Financial Times (Tuesday edition). A tablet owned by the software company will have a huge negative impact on the ecosystem of the computer industry. "That's nothing you're good at."

Under the name of "Surface" Microsoft wants in October, coinciding with the launch of its new operating system Windows 8, for the first time independently produce a tablet computer via a contract manufacturer and market themselves. So far, the efforts of the Group in this field were rather unsuccessful: the tablet market share Apple with his iPad and Google, supplier of the operating system Android.

However, even Microsoft's traditional partners such as Acer, Lenovo, Asus, Sony or Dell are long in the starting blocks with their own Windows 8 tablets, which should also come in October in the trade. The close partnership of the hardware producers with software supplier Microsoft see industry observers now however endangered.


Acer is currently discussing internally in detail how to respond to new competition from Microsoft itself, said Campbell Kan, Acer's global PC business executive. "If Microsoft actually enters the hardware business, what should we do, should we just rely on Microsoft, or should we find other alternatives?"

On the other hand, the new operating system Windows 8 is the great hope of the crippling PC industry, which is supposed to bring a fresh breeze into the business. Meanwhile, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer downplayed the importance of Surface and emphasized that they just wanted to strengthen the Windows software. Shortly after the announcement had Acer founder Stan Shih the ambitions of Microsoft, however, also regarded as an attempt to help only Windows 8 to succeed and not permanently enter into the hardware production. (Dpa / tc)