Dangerously linked accounts: US journalist Mat Honan digitally ruined


Honan describes "WIRED" in detail, what has happened to him - a sad lesson for all who maintain a "digital lifestyle" and absolutely worth reading. The US colleague can be really sorry: Within an hour, his Google Account were taken over and deleted, dropped from his hijacked Twitter account racist and anti-gay news and finally used his AppleID to wipe all data on Honans iPhone, iPad and MacBook,

Part of the blame for the digital debacle, Honan exposes vulnerabilities in the security architectures and customer service systems of Apple and Amazon. However, in many respects he is simply himself at fault, he continues, for example, by linking many of his online accounts for convenience and not having his computer regularly buffed. In addition, the destruction of his digital identity could well have been avoided if he had used the (optional) two-factor authentication for his Google account, Honan continued. Ultimately, the attackers would have "only" aimed at taking over his Twitter account anyway.

The whole story is too long to recount in detail here - read for yourself. Tomorrow, "WIRED" author Honan wants to follow up on how he has rebuilt his digital life.