Market Researcher: Record sales of iPad wings tablet business


In tablet computers, the Apple device is still the measure of all things, despite numerous competitors, as current figures confirm. But the competition could heat up soon.

Thanks to the popularity of the iPad, the market for tablet computers continues to grow rapidly. In the second quarter, according to an estimate by the market research firm IDC 25 million devices worldwide delivered, two-thirds (66.2 percent) more than in the same period last year. Alone 17 million computers went to the account of Apple. Many buyers still favored the iPad over competing products, said IDC analyst Tom Mainelli. The Group is also profiting from the growing interest in special markets such as the education sector.

Apple boosted iPad shipments to a record level in March following the launch of the new generation of devices. By comparison, in the first three months of the year, there were 11.8 million iPads. While sales in mature markets such as the US slow somewhat, Apple benefited from demand in other regions, said analyst Mainelli on Thursday in the US city of Framingham.

The competition continues to keep Apple at a distance. Samsung delivered just under 2.4 million devices, a significant plus compared to the 1.1 million tablets a year earlier. Amazon sold its only available in the US Kindle Fire, according to calculations by IDC 1.2 million times. Asus and Acer each sold less than one million devices. The Google tablet Nexus 7 introduced at the end of June is not yet included in the figures.

Faced with numerous new devices, competition will heat up in the second half of the year, IDC predicted. For example, Microsoft will introduce its new Windows 8 operating system in October, which is optimized for the use of touchscreens. Observers expect Amazon will soon release a new version of the Kindle Fire. And Google is trying to push its Nexus 7 into the market with a low price. Even Apple could refill - in the industry circulating rumors about a mini iPad with a smaller screen. (Dpa / tc)