Agreement in data theft dispute: SAP pays Oracle 306 million dollars


The German software company pays its US rival 306 million dollars in damages (the equivalent of 251 million euros). "SAP believes that this case runs long enough, " said a spokesman for the Walldorfer in the night on Friday.

Together with the legal fees accumulated over the years, the Germans would have to pay "at least $ 426 million, " as Oracle chief justice Dorian Daley announced. Two years ago, as a sign of goodwill, SAP had agreed to take over $ 120 million in lawyer fees from the other side.

Whether SAP gets away with the bargain cheap or on it, is in the eye of the beholder: A jury had awarded Oracle initially a compensation of 1.3 billion dollars; a judge had later reduced the sum to $ 272 million. Oracle then reopened the process.

The transgressions that are at stake, are long back: The employees of the acquired in 2005 and now closed SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow had unlawfully downloaded updates from Oracle on a large scale. The San Francisco Public Prosecutor's Office came to at least 6249 cases in their investigation and hounded SAP a fine of $ 20 million, which the Germans also paid without complaint.

In parallel, since 2007, the civil lawsuit filed by Oracle before a Californian court. SAP has long admitted the transgressions and publicly apologized. "Although we believe that the $ 306 million is too much for the damage done, we have agreed to the agreement to bring this case to a reasonable conclusion, " said the SAP spokesman.

The two companies are spinnefeind, not only since the data theft. SAP is the world leader in enterprise software. Thus companies regulate about the accounting or the customer administration. Oracle, on the other hand, is a leader in databases, but is increasingly pushing into the traditional field of SAP. Known for his pithy proverbs, Oracle boss Larry Ellison spent tens of billions of dollars on acquisitions in recent years. (Dpa / tc)