Amazon Web Services: EBS volumes now with guaranteed IO performance


It's a new EBS volume type, designed specifically for I / O-intensive workloads that demand high performance, such as database applications that require consistent and fast response times.

With Provisioned IOPS, the customer can set an IOPS rate when creating a volume, as Amazon announces on the AWS blog. Amazon EBS then keeps this throughput for the entire life of the volume. Currently, bandwidth is limited to a maximum of 1000 IOPS per Provisioned IOPS volume; an expansion of the limit is already planned according to the provider.

AWS customers can now already merge multiple volumes to deliver thousands of IOPS to their applications per Amazon EC2 instance. EBS Provisioned IOPS volumes are currently available in the regions: EU West (Ireland), US West (Northern California, Oregon) and Asia-Pacific (Singapore, Japan) available; further regions will follow shortly.

Incidentally, Amazon also informs on the German-language Twitter account @AWS_Aktuell about innovations in its cloud services.