Tips for Apple's Tablet: Easy Working with the iPad


Which iPad model is the right one? Is the hip flask of the first two generations still sufficient, or does it have to be the new iPad, whose retina display puts one in a bright delight, while the other just wears a weary shrug, according to the motto: The old display was just fine? We do not embark on this religious war and instead prefer to use the iPad as a terminal for the mobile worker. And first and foremost, the virtual keyboard is a thorn in our side.

External keyboards for the iPad

Hammering longer texts onto a glass surface is no fun in the long run. Above all, it is not necessary, there are now a number of external keyboards that make life easier. First and foremost here is the "iPad Keyboard Dock" by Apple itself, which combines full-keyboard and charging station. A USB power adapter charges the iPad. Disadvantage is beside the quite high price (91 euro) the fact that one can only lock the iPad in the vertical format. Because of this, the tilt angle can not be changed, which makes the use of unergonomisch.Besser we like the particularly flat Bluetooth keyboard "Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover" (98 Euro), which is also used as a slim aluminum screen protection and the iPad makes just eight millimeters thicker. The keyboard layout is identical to the Apple keyboard, the battery pleasing enduring. A magnetic inserter ensures a secure fit and the iPad automatically turns on when the protective cover is opened. When closing, it switches to energy-saving mode.

  1. Apple iPad Keyboard Dock
    Since the third generation of the iPad came on the market, knows the worldwide run on the new tablet PC from Apple no limits. Reports of excessive temperatures, which have now been denied by the manufacturer, should not detract from this development. However, if you prefer typing on a keyboard rather than on a touchscreen, you should take a look at the Apple iPad Keyboard Dock.
  2. Knows all keyboard commands
    The aluminum keyboard in the familiar Apple look knows, according to the manufacturer all the keyboard commands that are needed for writing e-mails or for surfing the Internet. With a supplied USB cable, the dock can be connected to a notebook or home computer and synchronized and charged. In addition, a USB power supply provides the ability to power the tablet PC.
  3. Audio output on the back
    On the back there is an audio output through which you can connect speakers. Finally, the dock is complemented by a VGA adapter and the Camera Connection Kit. Due to the high demand, the gadget is currently not available, but can be pre-ordered at Gravis. The price is proud 68.99 euros.

Disadvantages: The cover is only available for the two latest iPad models, the kameralose first model, which is still quite widespread, is left out. In addition, the designers have not thought about the tablet-keyboard unit with rubber pads to make it non-slip.
Die besonders leichte und dünne Tastaturauflage Touchfire ist eher eine Notlösung.
The particularly light and thin keyboard touch Touchfire is more of a stopgap.
Photo: Touchfire

If you prefer light luggage, the emergency plastic nail called the thin plastic pad "Touchfire", which can be attached via magnetic lock and with over 40 euros but quite expensive. Although the disadvantages of the virtual keyboard - especially the difficulty of achieving umlauts and special characters - are preserved, typing on the upper keyboard level is quite easy.

Indispensable accessory

There are a lot more or less useful hardware accessories around the iPad. In any case, this includes the "Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit", which offers two adapters (SD card and USB) for importing photos in all common formats from a digital camera (29 euros). (Hobby) photographers can transform their iPad into a digital picture frame and, if they own the latest model, enjoy the full-fledged Retina display.

Apple's "iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter" is also helpful. It serves to display content on the projector or external screens (about 15 euros). To transfer the signals in high definition to HDMI devices in Full HD (up to 1080p), it is worth purchasing a suitable adapter, for example the "KanaaN iPad iPhone iPod Dock Connector to HDMI Adapter" (28 Euro).

If you would like to print from your iPad or other iOS-enabled devices but do not have an Airprint-enabled printer nearby, consider purchasing the Lantronix "xPrintserver" (€ 179 in the Network Edition, a home-style product worth around € 80). Edition should follow). Without having to install an app or send an e-mail, you can use the power-efficient box, which is no larger than an iPhone, to control over 4000 network and USB printer models.

TV friends who are not satisfied with relevant apps such as "tvdigital" or "pro-tv" because of the often shaky and time-delayed reception, we recommend the investment of about 100 euros in the DVB-T Tuner "Equinux tizi Mobile TV for iPad", Proper digital TV reception is mostly guaranteed. Incidentally, it also works on the iPhone and newer iPod touch versions.

On the next page you will learn how to get the most out of your iPad keyboard.