Citrix cites the weak US dollar as the reason for this. "We praise in dollars, and I do not have to tell you what's happened in the last few years, " said Company President Mark Templeton in an exclusive interview with our British colleagues at "CIO UK." "The cost of doing business outside of the US has changed dramatically, and it's very likely that we're going to raise prices, and the pressure has increased over the last few years."

On demand, when exactly the price increase is to be expected, Templeton said that the new price scale was "imminent". Incidentally, this is not a tactic in the fight against a difficult market for business software. "We do not see pricing as a means against the downturn, " said the Citrix boss.

In addition, Citrix intends to increase its services share of total revenue in the medium term through "strategic architecture projects", especially with major customers. "Last year, services accounted for 8 percent of our total revenue, very little compared to our competitors, " said Templeton. "I think we can get twelve percent here."

Last month, SAP and its arch rival Oracle had already raised their customers' headlines and angered them.