The surplus climbed despite the further decline in the traditional fixed-network business compared to the previous year by almost twelve percent to 1.9 billion dollars (equivalent to 1.2 billion euros). Sales increased by nearly four percent to 24.1 billion dollars, as Verizon announced on Monday in New York.

Between April and June, Verizon added just under 1.5 million new mobile subscribers. Overall, it is now 68.7 million and about eleven percent more than a year ago. Market leader AT & T has recently reached almost 73 million customers. The German Telekom daughter T-Mobile USA ranks fourth in the mobile business behind the loss-making provider Sprint Nextel.

Verizon profitiert vor allem von Verizon Wireless, seinem Joint Venture mit Vodafone.
Verizon benefits above all from Verizon Wireless, its joint venture with Vodafone.
Photo: Verizon

Verizon operates its US mobile business under the Verizon Wireless brand in partnership with global industry leader Vodafone of the UK. However, the Americans would like to buy the partner's 45 percent stake.

With its profit jump Verizon exceeded the average expectations of the analysts slightly. The group was slightly lower in sales. Just last week competitor AT & T announced an even stronger profit increase. The Verizon share was under pressure to start trading on Monday in New York.

The traditional fixed-network business continues to shrink at Verizon as with all traditional telephone companies. Verizon is seeking new revenues in the broadband data and television business, rivaling traditional cable companies such as Time Warner Cable. However, this business grew more slowly than expected by analysts. Verizon employed around 228, 600 people by the middle of the year, more than three percent less than a year earlier. (Dpa / tc)