Portrait of the Best ITK Employer: MaibornWolff: Much Freiraum Arouses Enthusiasm


Great Place to Work in the ITK? Is not that the competition that the likes always win? One could come up with such an idea, if one looks at the IT consultation MaibornWolff. Whether five years ago with a good 50 employees or today with almost 250 employees, every year the first place. A success that is not self-perpetuating, but based on the fact that the people of Munich repeatedly question their working culture and try out many new things.

Die Münchner IT-Beratung MaibornWolff wurde zum fünften Mal in Folge bester ITK-Arbeitgeber in der Größenklasse 101 bis 500 Mitarbeiter.
The Munich-based IT consultancy MaibornWolff became the best ITK employer in the 101 to 500 employee category for the fifth time in succession.
Photo: Maiborn Wolff GmbH

Self-decision instead of asking

The central anchor point is the endeavor to give employees more freedom, but also more responsibility. It starts on a small scale: Employees do not have to make leave requests, but only have to arrange in a team when they take time off.

Managing Director Volker Maiborn knows: "Hierarchies can not be abolished overnight, but we, the managing directors, gradually hand over more responsibility to the divisional managers, who in turn pass them on to their employees, including disciplinary personnel responsibility even if it costs some money, the closer you get to it, the better decisions you can make. " In his eyes, for example, a co-worker would not have had to ask if she was allowed to buy a throwing microphone to loosen up the question and answer session on the year-end.

Volker Maiborn, Geschäftsführer MaibornWolff:
Volker Maiborn, Managing Director Maiborn Wolff: "The closer you get to a thing, the better decisions you can make."
Photo: Maiborn Wolff GmbH

Volunteer Maiborn Wolff goes further, as Volker Maiborn explains: "Since we give employees the freedom to do what they burn for, not only enthusiasm but also many innovative ideas emerge, which then lead to new service packages that help customers. " Each employee can conduct research five days a year on methods, evaluate new technologies or develop improvements for the team. For 2017, the company plans to invest 750, 000 euros.

Free space for research

The spectrum of 20 ongoing research projects ranges from software cities in virtual reality and blockchain hands-on to an Android Developement Guide to an InnoSensor that visualizes trends in a large amount of data in real time. "It makes people incredibly happy when they can live up to their own professional standards, try out new technologies and maybe even contribute to existing or new customer projects, " Petra Meyer, a public relations officer at MaibornWolff, has observed.

An attitude that also facilitates the work of Simon Eisenried. "Applicants notice when we are interested in topics such as augmented reality, which is an important issue for graduates in particular, " says the head of recruiting. The many new employees - sometimes ten per month - find Eisenried and his recruiting team still without the help of recruitment consultants. "We always take a lot of time for the candidates we invite to a job interview, which can take up to five hours, but with changing contact persons, " said Eisenried about the selection of staff, which is also binding: After the interviews, the appropriate Candidate with a contract offer home.

Working at MaibornWolff, a video from the staff

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  1. Great Place to Work 2017: What the winners offer
    For the fifth time, the Great Place to Work competition honored 65 ITK employers at CeBIT. 32 of them introduce themselves in an online special.
  2. Acando: 18th in the size class with 101 to 500 employees
    To foster the balance between workload and private compensation, since 2016, Acando has developed a structured sabbatical program that allows employees to spend one to six months off work to attend to personal issues or projects apart from work,
  3. AGOLUTION: 5th place in the size class with 10 to 49 employees
    Praise and thanks are expressed in many ways. Special services are often rewarded with small gifts and vouchers, but also with salary increases, bonus payments or special holidays. Employees receive two days' additional leave per year for voluntary work.
  4. Axis Communications: 24th in the size class with 10 to 49 employees
    With the international exchange program IP @ Axis employees can work for up to six months in another country on a project or take on another task. The program makes it possible to take on additional responsibilities and gain work experience in the international field.
  5. BDE Software Services: 10th in the size class with 10 to 49 employees
    In recent years, BDE has supported numerous institutions and people: For example, the company financially supported the Walddörfer Sportverein, the hockey and football department of the HSV, the fire brigade Hamburg, the Hamburger Tafel and the German Cancer Aid.
  6. Cofinpro: 3rd place in the size class with 101 to 500 employees
    Yearly financial statements, promotions and mutual successes are celebrated at the Advent workshop. The location of the joint event, which usually takes place in other European countries, remains secret until the departure date. With riddles, the employees are slowly introduced to the solution.
  7. ConVista Consulting: 4th place in the size class with 101 to 500 employees
    Some music-loving employees have come together in the ConVista band. In their free time, they meet regularly for rehearsals and have the opportunity to show their skills at Christmas and carnival celebrations in the company.
  8. DEMIRTAG Consulting: Place 21 in the size class with 10 to 49 employees
    Cooking together, having breakfast or "meeting" in the break room are integral parts of the corporate culture and working hours. The motto is that the interaction, the exchange on all sorts of topics is important and successfully prevents small challenges in the team from becoming big problems.
  9. doubleSlash Net-Business: 4th place in the size class with 50 to 100 employees
    In 2015, doubleSlash introduced an innovation process that allows every employee to bring their ideas and influence what's going on in the company. Ideas can be gradually developed and expanded.
  10. ESET Germany: 13th in the size class with 50 to 100 employees
    ESET promotes employees who want to develop further. In addition to language courses, training in self-management and communication are offered and support part-time further education. Employees can attend individual seminars as needed.
  11. Eurofins Information Systems: 11th in the size class with 50 to 100 employees
    The user stories of all completed projects are printed on cards and hung in the hallway in front of the offices. There are now several hundred of these cards hanging there. The wall is also seen by visitors and proudly fills the team, as the amount of successfully completed tasks is visible to all.
  12. eXXcellent solutions consulting & software: Number 6 in the size class with 10 to 49 employees
    The company encourages employees to constructively address negatively experienced situations in order to prevent or de-escalate conflicts. Managers make a conscious effort to address such situations.
  13. Holisticon: 23rd in the size class with 10 to 49 employees
    Executives in the classical sense do not exist at Holisticon. The company sees itself as a large team in which all colleagues can contribute their ideas, opinions and suggestions at any time.
  14. ITENOS: 21st in the size class with 101 to 500 employees
    In 2015 and 2016, ITENOS developed a new mission statement in the context of team workshops and company-wide events, which symbolically assembled all executives at the kick-off event in the form of a large format puzzle.
  15. IFS Germany: 16th in the size class with 101 to 500 employees
    Employee-oriented HR work offers employees the opportunity to design their work tasks and times according to their life stages. Even in difficult times, they can count on the company, be it through organizational or financial help.
  16. INDICO SOLUTIONS: 7th in the size class with 10 to 49 employees
    Special achievements are honored in a variety of ways and presented as best practices at the internal strategy workshops. In addition, the employees participate in the company's success in percentage terms.
  17. infologistix: 3rd place in the size class with 10 to 49 employees
    The infologistix runs every year on the company run B2RUN. For the feeling of togetherness T-shirts are distributed with company logo. Running groups are already being prepared for this purpose in several cities.
  18. iteratec: 7th in the size class with 101 to 500 employees
    With the Innovation Free Day, each employee has a budget of five days per year, which he can use for innovation projects; the topics are absolutely free. A list of all project descriptions increases the transparency and inspires to further ideas.
  19. ITGAIN: 17th in the size class with 101 to 500 employees
    The corporate principles firmly promote the promotion of individuality and the abandonment of status symbols. This means that there are no different additional services depending on the hierarchy levels. Everyone has the same claim and is free to use their "employee budget" for additional or social benefits.
  20. MaibornWolff: 1st place in the size class with 101 to 500 employees
    Remembering the faces and names of colleagues in a short time is no longer a problem with a team of 240 people. At MaibornWolff, the app on the company phone "The Team" newcomers facilitates the start. As with a memory, the player assigns a photo to first and last name.
  21. metafinanz Informationssysteme: Place 13 in the size class with 101 to 500 employees
    On the first day of the month, all newcomers will be welcomed with a welcome day. After breakfast with management, executives and mentors, the HR department leads the newcomers through the company. After four to six weeks, they deepen their knowledge of metafinance on two more days.
  22. Micromata: 2nd place in the size class with 101 to 500 employees
    Each has a health budget of 500 euros per year. Employees can decide for themselves what they use the budget for. The HR team provides advice to employees and identifies which offers are suitable for the individual situation.
  23. msg group: 2nd place in the size class with over 1000 employees
    Msg supports the harmony between work and private life in many ways. For a successful work-life integration msg allows flexible working in terms of time and place. Thanks to generous holiday arrangements and additional special leave for special circumstances, employees gain free time for family and leisure.
  24. orderbase consulting: Place 7 in the size class with 50 to 100 employees
    Every 14 days, the employees meet in the foyer for lunch in a relaxed atmosphere. The time is used by the management to present special projects, products or achievements. After the lectures, there will be a feedback or question and answer session.
  25. Pentland Firth Software: # 1 in the size class with 10 to 49 employees
    As a new feel-good measure the "Chief Happiness Officer" (CHO) was introduced. The idea and concept was presented by a co-worker at a one-day local office training. A new CHO should be chosen in each training so that every employee in the company has a chance for one month to do something good for their colleagues. The first measure: "free hugs for all".
  26. perbit Software: 2nd place in the size class with 50 to 100 employees
    Two employees were trained as contact persons for family caregivers on "company nursing care". They are available as a contact person for the topic of care, bundling important information on the topic of work and care and thus promote a family-friendly corporate culture.
  27. PlaceWorkers: 11th in the size class with 10 to 49 employees
    If a new employee starts, a profile is posted on the bulletin board. So that newcomers feel at home in the company, they will be welcomed on the first day with a welcome card and nerve food signed by their colleagues. At the weekly breakfast, the newcomers introduce themselves personally. A coach is there in the first weeks for all questions to the side.
  28. Projektron: 3rd place in the size class with 50 to 100 employees
    A family representative is available to parents with advice and assistance. It supports work-related measures and regulatory matters such as applying for parental allowance or a day-care center. Also, employees who are going into partial retirement or retirement are advised.
  29. QAware: # 1 in the size class with 50 to 100 employees
    To promote exchange and getting to know each other creatively, a sticker album was created for all employees and their families. The employees received a blank album and a "starter kit" with photo stickers of some employees. In order to get a full album, it was necessary to exchange and collect diligently with colleagues from all teams.
  30. QuinScape: 15th in the size class with 101 to 500 employees
    As part of executive development, employees rate their direct supervisors anonymously. The management has also responded to this feedback and has thus progressed with a positive example. Together, the results of the survey are discussed and the most important fields of action identified.
  31. The unbelievable Machine Company: 19th place in the size class with 101 to 500 employees
    Each new employee meets with the company founder to learn first-hand about the company's history. Beginners can ask their questions and are introduced directly into the open corporate culture.
  32. ThoughtWorks Germany: 11th in the size class with 101 to 500 employees
    In workshops, the employees have compiled the company's history and mission. It came to lively exchange and many personal contributions. The participants will then be official employer brand ambassadors who will introduce their colleagues to the positioning and values ​​of the company.
  33. Vector Informatik: 1st place in the size class with over 1000 employees
    The Refill-Box is equipped with gym mats, Therabändern, seat cushion, CD player and instructions for muscle strengthening and stretching exercises. This room can be booked for half an hour to take a short break and recharge your batteries.