Gadget of the day: Slidenjoy - additional screens for the notebook


The first time you connect an extra screen to your PC, you know the aha effect: Productivity increases enormously and you never want to work with just one screen again. For stationary work, additional screens on the notebook are not a problem dar. Just stupid, that you can not take this easy for mobile work. This should change with Slidenjoy now.

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Slidenjoy is attached to the back of notebooks with four stick-on magnets. Depending on the selected model then one or two additional screens are available, which can be easily folded out if necessary. Depending on the screen size selected, the additional weight per display should be just 50-100 grams. The resolution of the additional screens should be at 1920x1080 pixels, the brightness at 350cd / m2 and the response time at 5 milliseconds. The connection to the notebook is made via the USB port. Slidenjoy is said to be compatible with both Windows notebooks and Macbooks.

Slidenjoy is available in three screen sizes: 13, 15 and 17 inches. In addition, depending on the chosen model, from simple plastic to brushed aluminum and wood, various surface finishes are available.

The prices vary depending on the chosen version between 199 and 489 euros.