Internet cheating is on the rise


Crime on the Internet is still a serious problem, even if the companies concerned try to downplay the issue in public. But the recent credit card theft in the US has shown that "the bad guys" have not given up.

With around eight million stolen credit card numbers, hackers set a new unofficial world record at the beginning of February. Affected by the collapse were the US financial services provider Data Processors International (DPI) and the credit card companies Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card, a division of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. Personal information of the customers had remained intact, it said. Therefore, the up to eight million people affected would not have to be contacted individually, the companies concluded.

Actually, one would think that nothing serious happened. But the recent slump in a supposedly secure IT environment has shown once again that the topic of online crime is still on the agenda and that absolute security will remain an illusion. The US is by no means an inglorious exception, and here too companies are hit by attacks on a daily basis, dealers are betrayed and surfers are fooled. Nobody wants to admit this publicly; Online fraud is a taboo.

"Sometimes the coverage gives the impression that we are sinking into a wave of crime, " criticized Albert Bischeltsrieder, head of the search department at the State Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA) in Munich, the media outrages. Nevertheless, the online fraud was "high hang"; Finally, according to Bischeltsrieder, the LKA has been fighting "for eight years now to ensure that the issue is taken seriously".