QUADRIGA 2: Big Data - first users plunge into data flood

Ab sofort ist die neue COMPUTERWOCHE als Heft und als iPad-Ausgabe erhältlich.
From now on, the new COMPUTER WEEK is available as a notebook and iPad edition.

Anyone who studies big data, the new paradigm of technology usage, will immediately see, in addition to the dangers, the many opportunities inherent in the intelligent analysis of polystructured data. But although the Big Data phenomenon has been haunting the (specialist) press for over two years, there is a lot of theory, but only a few applications. We introduce you to the first application examples, statistical facts as well as big data generated job descriptions and discuss whether cloud and big data become the new IT dream team.

Also in the booklet:

  • Three years iPad: Who would have expected? In only three years, Apple has managed to use the iPad to establish the tablet as a device class and to reinvent the subject of mobile computing. A look back to the future.

  • "Everyone is affected": For Software AG CEO Karl-Heinz Streibich, the future belongs to the completely digitized company.

  • Paths through the jungle: Moving in the jungle of social networks is only fun if you are properly equipped.

  • Sharing adds value: Shareconomy takes advantage of people's willingness to share. For companies, cost and competitive advantages arise at best. What would you share?

  • Cloud - a legal venture ?: The international law firm Bird & Bird has examined the license models of cloud providers in an investigation. It comes to results that users in this country are likely to ponder.

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