Cloud computing: Web service from Symantec identifies risks in the data center


As an extension of Symantec's corporate information protection and management portfolio, the Veritas Installation Assessment and Veritas Storage Foundation Health Check are the first services of the new online platform that customers can now access. They should represent an alternative to conventional reactive operational models and enable a priority-based, preventive-oriented operation. To do this, the services leverage the latest best-in-class configurations, best practices, and data center risks.

The new Symantec services are offered through a cloud computing model and leverage configuration capabilities and hardware and software compatibility lists for the Veritas Storage Foundation, Veritas Cluster Server, and leading operating systems. A collection of web-based services uses this information to identify specific risks in data centers. All alarm messages contain concrete instructions for quick and easy problem-solving measures, the provider explains.

Agentless data collection simplifies validation process

The Veritas Installation Assessment Service is designed to provide intuitive, web-based validation of complex configurations in the server and storage infrastructure. This proactive approach, according to the manufacturer, facilitates system upgrades and new installations by validating the entire unit before the installation process starts. An automated, agentless data collection should simplify the validation process. Detailed reporting signals successful execution, errors or warnings for critical configuration variables and provides direct hyperlinks to required patches and relevant documentation. A proactive patch service also points to available patches that would fit exactly the server and storage configuration of the environment. In addition, the agentless assessment can run on a single or multiple servers and multiple operating systems without the need to install Veritas Storage Foundation or Veritas Cluster Server.

Another currently available service is the Storage Foundation Health Check. According to the manufacturer, this identifies configuration errors that can result in system failure, inadequate performance and poor resource utilization.